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Deluxe Heater Kits

Here you'll find extensive product information on our great line of marine heaters.
Click on the pictures below for suggested part lists and pricing of Sure Marine's deluxe heater kits. 

These kit lists are for information purposes to show what parts
most boats will need and how much it would cost.

The parts may be ordered individually online.
Otherwise, call or email and SMS will put together the order.

     Forced Air Heaters:

Why Webasto? Webasto is a global market leader in the auxillary heater industry and is a supplier to major equipment manufacturers around the world.
Webasto makes a full line of air and coolant heaters to meet the needs of virtually any size craft. State of the art and micro-processor controlled, all Webasto marine heaters are compact, lightweight, and efficient. All Webasto heaters come with a 2 year warranty!!
Small in size but not in power, Webasto air heaters generate warm, dry air quickly and quietly.  Adaptable for installation wherever room allows, the Webasto air heaters draw fresh air into a sealed heat exchanger where it is heated very quickly.  Powerful fans circulate the warmth evenly throughout any number of outlets, while exhaust is discharged outside.
AT2000ST Deluxe Heater Kit Pricing AT5500 Deluxe Heater Kit Pricing

     Hydronic Heaters:

Nothing extends the boating season like a Webasto coolant heater. Sophisticated and powerful enough to heat a yacht, Webasto water heaters are still small enough to fit into snug spaces.

Webasto coolant heaters can warm radiators in all the cabins, or be installed with fan-assisted heat exchangers when space is at a premium. The unit can even be linked to the engine's coolant system, to pre-heat the engine and eliminate cold starts.

With a Webasto heater on board, you'll also have plenty of hot water for showers and the galley heated by an indirect coil in the hot water tank.
TSL17 Deluxe Heater Kit Pricing Thermo90ST Deluxe Heater Kit Pricing
DBW2010 Deluxe Heater Kit Pricing DBW2020 Deluxe Heater Kit Pricing DBW2020 Deluxe Heater Kit Pricing

     Hydronic Boilers:

Olympia boilers are perfect for larger yachts.  Designed to run off an inverter these diesel boilers put out a ton of heat.  Tie it in with your domestic water system and engine for a complete heating solution.

Best of all, you won't be bothered by the drone of a noisy generator. Mounted in the engine room near the batteries and fuel tank, an Olympia hydronic boiler is almost inaudible. 
Olympia OL-60 Deluxe Heater Kit Olympia Ol-105 Deluxe Heater Kit

      Propane Forced Air Heaters:

A great choice for smaller gas powered boats that
already may have a propane system installed.

Small, but powerful heaters that direct hot air through
ducting to where you need it!

Proheat X-45 Deluxe Heater Kit

     Hydronic Heater:

Compact hydronic heater for mid sized boats.

Offers a lot of heat in a small package.

Smart computer controlled and efficient.

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