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A complete range of products is available, including 12/24vdc refrigerators and freezers, AC/DC options, stainless steel models, icemakers and component systems for installation into existing boxes. 

  • Includes interior lighting
  • Operates with a reliable and quiet Danfoss 12/24 volt compressor using the environmentally safe R134a refrigerant.
  • Rigid external chassis with extra thick, highly efficient poly-urethane foam insulation throughout.
  • Fan cooled air condensing units to provide better heat transfer, higher efficiencies, increased interior volumes and longer life.
  • Door panels are easily interchanged to match specific interior applications.
  • Standard with a positive locking mechanism that easily slides for opening and closing.
  • Adjustable shelving for efficient use of interior space and storage.
  • Magnetic door seals are standard on all non-portable units.
In July 2014 Vitrifrigo instituted a major change in how their models are named.

Click here for a cross reference for old and new model numbers.

Click here to learn how to interpret the new model numbers.

-Built In Refrigeration Size Comparison-
-by Brand, Style, Length, Width, & Height-

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Refrigerators with Internal Compressors
Refrigerators with Internal Compressors for Compact, Quick, and Easy Installation.

Refrigerators with External Compressors
Refrigerators with the compressors mounted in a separate location than the box. Increases usable space in the refrigerator.
Stainless Refrigerators with Built-In/External Compressors
Stainless Refrigerators with Built-In/External Compressors

Drawer Refrigerator/Freezers
Drawer Refrigerator/Freezers.

Top Loading Refrigerators
Top loading built-in Refrigerators with external compressors.

Freezers with external compressors.

Portable Refrigerator/Freezers
Portable Refrigerator/Freezers.

Ice Makers
Built in Ice Makers.

Ice box conversion components.
Compressors, Evaporator Plates, Holding Plates, and Thermostats for Ice Box Conversions.

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