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Webasto Marine Cooling

Enjoy the refreshing feeling of an air-conditioned cabin.

Boats are your passion, and ours. On the open sea the sun heats up your body quickly. Enjoy the sun outside and cool down below deck whenever you need to feel refreshed. Relax while a Webasto Air-Conditioning system is working for you.

Our large product portfolio of self-contained air-conditioning systems up to large chiller systems leaves nothing to be desired. With our wide power range we provide cooling capacities from 5,000 BTU/h up to 572,000 BTU/h.

It is up to you to decide which technology is best suited for your boat or yacht.


For a pleasant atmosphere on board: Discover our air-conditioning solutions.

Webasto FCF Air Conditioning
Webasto's FCF is a low-cost, yet high quality, vessel air conditioner. With cooling output from 5,000 - 16,000 Btu capacity, this self-contained marine air conditioner features a soft-touch digital display & digital remote control.

Webasto BlueCool C-Series
Chiller systems are for boats with several cabins. When three or more independent areas in a yacht are to be air-conditioned, a central chiller system is a good choice. The chiller unit is typically in the engine room with air handlers throughout the boat
Webasto BlueCool V-Series
The new BlueCool V-Series chiller is the latest technology for high comfort central chiller systems. The innovative system runs on variable-speed brushless DC twin rotary compressors, controlled with inverter technology.
Webasto BlueCool Premium
Webasto BlueCool Premium air conditioners offer state-of-the-art cooling performance for boats with several cabins. When three or more independent areas in a yacht need to be cooled, a central chiller system is the right choice.
Webasto Air Handlers
The central chiller unit is typically installed in the engine room, providing chilled water/glycol to all cabins via a water circuit. One or more air handler(s) in each cabin are fitted to generate the required cooling capacities individually in each room

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